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About Me

Suzanne’s love of photography began long before she took the leap from happy snapper into professional photography. The birth of her son Jack inspired her to capture every perfect moment in a way that would turn an ordinary family photo into a treasured keepsake, by exploring the technical side of photography. Suzanne says, “it became a quest for quality over quantity, and I was driven to find a way to take that one great shot of each precious moment.” Her interest in how a camera works and what makes a perfect photo lead her to undertake a Diploma in Professional Photography with the New York Institute of Photography.


As Jack grew, so did Suzanne’s technical knowledge as she raced to keep up with her little man. “Every milestone presents a new challenge. When they start sitting up, walking, interacting with you and the camera, it all changes the way you take the photo, and adds a new dimension.” With the birth of her daughter Claire in 2011, another happy poser was born. Now that she has two children Suzanne says she has become more focused on capturing them both together. As a mother, she knows from experience how hard it can be to get children to sit still and smile on cue, but she takes it all in her stride with patience and good humour.


Suzanne has experienced all those precious moments in life for herself, and understands how important they are. She also knows that those moments are best captured when you’re comfortable and relaxed. “A lot of people come to me with specific ideas in mind of how and where they want their photos taken, but many are just as happy to be guided in this respect. I’m happy either way, and often the best photos are those taken in an unguarded moment in your own home.”